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  • Is Block Rewards really a free club?

    • Literally free.

  • What kind of rewards club is this?

    • Event points similar to air miles or hotel points. Block Rewards
      is a frequent conference attendance club for folks in the
      industries of blockchain, crypto, Web3, metaverse, DAOs, DeFi,
      mining, or other related fields that are crypto adjacent (e.g. KYC/AML, CBDCs, crypto lobbying, energy sector, etc.).

  • Wen lambo?

    • No pumps, no dumps, no rug pulls, no scams, no bs. Points are rewarded for events our members attend. It is truly meant to reward you for attending and contributing to crypto community experiences.

  • How can I join the club?

    • Our Telegram community group is open to everyone, so join the conversation and find a friend who can refer you!

    • Membership is the club is currently invite-only, so you will need to reference your referrer's club ID in your first email. To join the club as a rewards-earning member, simply submit proof of your first event via email, and all other events you may want to receive rewards, and mention your referrer's Club ID. Once approved, you're a member from that point on!

  • How do I get my Block Points?

    • Email your tickets to We accept submissions on a rolling basis, and for a limited time, all events dating as far back to the genesis block of Bitcoin will be honored. Keep in mind that it's best to send copies—not originals—such as screenshots, PDFs of eventbrite tickets, photos of physical conference tickets, POAPs, or other forms along with proof of purchase. Club members are currently trying out the validation process on an honor system for points validation. If you need some help verifying an unusual ticket type, just shoot us an email and we'll work it out.

  • How are Block Points awarded?

    • Points are awarded based on the dollar amount of your ticket, so it's very fair. More expensive tickets rack up more Block Points.

  • What if an event I went to was free?

    • You will accumulate an event count towards your Block Height for every event you attend!

  • How do I level up in Block Height?

    • Each Block Height is attained by a combination of Block Points and a minimum Event Count. Since every club member must submit proof of attending at least one blockchain or Web3 event, every club member starts at Genesis Block. Members will move up but will not lose height for redeeming points.

  • What are the Block Heights?

    • Genesis Block

      • 1 Event & 0 Points

    • Industry Block

      • 20 Events & 5k Points

    • Executive Block

      • 75 Events & 50K Points

    • Whale Block

      • 200 Events or 200K Points

  • How do I redeem points for award tickets?

    • When new conference and event tickets go live on our awards page, members will be able to redeem award tickets using the points they've accrued. When you see an event you want to attend, snag it with your points—easy as pie!

  • Are there any redemption fees?

    • Literally none.

  • Do my points expire?

    • Currently, no.

  • For what kinds of events can I earn points?

    • Members are awarded Block Points for attending events such as conferences, meetups, conference afterparties, conference satellite events, community events, unique experiences, NFT exhibitions, and more. The only two requirements are that the event be justifiably blockchain-oriented, and the event or experience be verifiably ticketed.

  • Can I earn points for events in the past?

    • For a limited time all events dating as far back to the actual genesis block of Bitcoin will be honored.

  • How do I keep track of my Block points?

  • Is there a community for this club?

  • Do you have a referral program?

    • Sure do! Referred members gain access during our invite-only period, and their referrer receives a rewards bonus. If you've been invited by a club member, simply email us with their club ID along with your first submission of tickets for points validation. When you have a friend to refer, you'll receive the bonus, too. We will announce the referral bonus once we've concluded the current invitation cycle.

  • How long is the validation process?

    • Due to the influx of new members, new member accounts are being established upon receipt of the first validation request, while review for the total number of rewards are put in queue. This sets you up immediately with your Club ID and Block Height, and following account creation, the full contents of your validation request will be reviewed within around 30 days. Existing members sending subsequent validation requests tend to have their points updated quicker, as their accounts are already set up, but we still advise patience during this peak demand period of new member enrollment.





  • What if I don't see my question here?

    • We will have more info very soon. Join the Telegram chat to stay up to date!

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Club membership comes with perks

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